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Brian Joslyn named a certified standardized field sobriety test instructor
CINCINNATI, Ohio – After hours of training, Brian Joslyn, managing attorney for Joslyn Law Firm, has earned his certification from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as an instructor in the administration of standardized field sobriety tests.
The designation allows Joslyn to train Ohio attorneys on the finer points of proper administration of field sobriety tests.
As a criminal defense attorney, knowing how these tests should be applied is essential. Often, law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys rely on field sobriety test results to pursue a conviction. However, there is a specific way that these evaluations must be conducted and they can be very challenging for officers in the field.
The certification course Joslyn attended covered how to recognize violations and well as administer and interpret standardized field sobriety tests. It focused on the importance of describing evidence both in writing and verbally and outlined how video and audio recordings, when available, should be consistent with other evidence.
Field sobriety tests are often pivotal to securing Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) and Driving Under The Influence (DUI) convictions. As a certified instructor in the administration of these tests, Joslyn educates attorneys on how to assess the evidence presented in court by police and determine if the results were improperly obtained or administered.
Armed with information about red flag issues, Joslyn Law Firm attorneys can mount formidable defenses for their clients, raise reasonable doubt and aggressively argue in favor of their clients.
Administering field sobriety tests is incredibly difficult, but when someone’s life and livelihood are on the line, it is worth it to make sure it was conducted properly in order to produce clear and accurate results, said Joslyn.
Having the certification from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adds depth to the level of service and knowledge at Joslyn Law Firm. It offers clients complete confidence knowing that their case will be tackled from all angles by knowledgeable and well prepared attorneys.
In addition to questioning field sobriety tests, taking this bold approach requires attorneys to be educated about behavioral clues that indicate impairment. It also calls upon them to have an understanding about the factors that may impact preliminary breath testing results.
What Joslyn Law Firm seeks is integrity in the law and how it is applied to all who stand in front of the court accused of an OVI/DUI charge.
“I have devoted my life to principles of fairness and justice in the treatment of my clients and the outcomes I seek on their behalf,” said Joslyn.
In addition to OVI/DUI charges, Joslyn Law Firm defends those charged with drug crimes, traffic violations, juvenile charges, theft, white collar crime, domestic violence, bench warrants and probation violations.
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